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About Us

From our founding in 1974, our promise at Doug Rushing Realty, Inc. has been to serve you as our client, with the Southern approach to life and real estate. This means, along with a Southern, welcoming atmosphere, we offer high-quality work, exceptional service, and the most innovative real estate practices, including online auctions.

The Future of Real Estate (FRE.com) brings 35 years of auction marketing experience, together with our market knowledge, insight and professional resources we deliver an alternative sales option in a fair, transparent and secure process, making the property list, search, sell and buy experience intelligent and seamless.


DRRbid Representative
Alisha A. Lange
LFC Marketing Services, Inc.
Phone: +1 949 706 6129
Email: alange@lfc.com
DRRbid Representative
Alan Bridevaux
LFC Marketing Services, Inc.
Phone: +1 601 249 3400
Email: alan@dougrushingrealty.com